Buy Cash Points

By buying Cash Points you help maintain the server and continue its development. We're endlessly thankful for any contribution.

Price (USD) Cash Points
$1 100 Cash Points
$5 500 Cash Points + 25 CP Bonus
$10 1000 Cash Points + 100 CP Bonus
$20 2000 Cash Points + 400 CP Bonus
$50 5000 Cash Points + 1250 CP Bonus
$100 10000 Cash Points + 3000 CP Bonus
$300 30000 Cash Points + 10500 CP Bonus

Enter your character name (Example: GM Oreki)

Crypto Payments

Cash Shop FAQs

Double click on the icon left to the minimap to open the Cash Shop. You can also show or hide the icon by typing /cashshop

You can redeem your Cash Points from the Cash Exchanger NPC located at <prontera 149 194>

You can redeem your Cash Points instantly after a successful purchase.
You can preview the Cash Shop costumes on the Cash Shop Assistant NPC located at <gold_mart 92 118>
Yes but only if you have not redeemed your Cash Points.