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Monster Name Status Map Respawn Time Last Killed By
Amon Ra Alive moc_pryd06 0 minutes Loid Forger
Assassin Cross Eremes un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
Atroce Dead ra_fild02 180 minutes BlueWhale
Atroce Dead ra_fild03 61 minutes Loid Forger
Atroce Alive ra_fild04 0 minutes Loid Forger
Atroce Dead ve_fild01 160 minutes BlueWhale
Atroce Dead ve_fild02 109 minutes Loid Forger
Bacsojin / White Lady Dead lou_dun03 64 minutes BlueWhale
Baphomet Dead prt_maze03 90 minutes BlueWhale
Beelzebub Dead abbey03 649 minutes Loid Forger
Boitata Dead bra_dun02 12 minutes Loid Forger
Dark Lord Dead gl_chyard 27 minutes BlueWhale
Dark Lord Dead gld_dun04 453 minutes BlueWhale
Detale / Detardeurus Dead abyss_03 115 minutes BlueWhale
Doppelganger Dead gef_dun02 90 minutes BlueWhale
Doppelganger Dead gld_dun02 106 minutes Lovely
Dracula Dead gef_dun01 42 minutes BlueWhale
Drake Dead treasure02 40 minutes BlueWhale
Eddga Dead pay_fild11 41 minutes BlueWhale
Eddga Dead gld_dun01 326 minutes Loid Forger
Evil Snake Lord Alive gon_dun03 0 minutes Loid Forger
Fallen Bishop / Fallen Bishop Hibram Dead abbey02 48 minutes BlueWhale
Garm / Hatii Dead xmas_fild01 48 minutes BlueWhale
Gloom Under Night Alive ra_san05 0 minutes Loid Forger
Golden Thief Bug Dead prt_sewb4 44 minutes BlueWhale
Gopinich Dead mosk_dun03 35 minutes BlueWhale
High Priest Magaleta / High Priest Margaretha un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
High Wizard Katrinn / High Wizard Kathryne un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
Ifrit Dead thor_v03 22 minutes Spangler
Incantation Samurai / Samurai Specter Dead ama_dun03 58 minutes BlueWhale
Kiel D-01 Dead kh_dun02 38 minutes Loid Forger
Knight of Windstorm / Stormy Knight Dead xmas_dun02 5 minutes BlueWhale
Ktullanux un-tracked ice_dun03 --
Lady Tanee Dead ayo_dun02 160 minutes Loid Forger
Lord Knight Seyren un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
Lord of Death / Lord of the Dead un-tracked niflheim --
Maya Dead anthell02 10 minutes Loid Forger
Maya Dead gld_dun03 454 minutes BlueWhale
Memory of Thanatos un-tracked thana_boss --
Mistress Alive mjolnir_04 0 minutes Loid Forger
Moonlight Flower Alive pay_dun04 0 minutes BlueWhale
Orc Hero Dead gef_fild14 36 minutes BlueWhale
Orc Hero Dead gef_fild02 1385 minutes BlueWhale
Orc Lord Dead gef_fild10 64 minutes BlueWhale
Osiris Dead moc_pryd04 9 minutes BlueWhale
Pharaoh Alive in_sphinx5 0 minutes BlueWhale
Phreeoni Alive moc_fild17 0 minutes Loid Forger
RSX 0806 / RSX-0806 Dead ein_dun02 35 minutes Loid Forger
Sniper Shecil / Sniper Cecil un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
Tao Gunka Dead beach_dun 78 minutes BlueWhale
Turtle General Dead tur_dun04 44 minutes BlueWhale
Valkyrie Randgris Dead odin_tem03 443 minutes BlueWhale
Vesper Alive jupe_core 0 minutes Loid Forger
Whitesmith Harword / Whitesmith Howard un-tracked lhz_dun03 --
Wounded Morroc Dead moc_fild22 228 minutes Chiste Asura
Ygnizem / Egnigem Cenia Dead lhz_dun02 23 minutes Loid Forger